The research centre is cross-disciplinary, with competencies from social science, business studies, psychology, humanities and culture studies, gastronomical chemistry and information technologies. The associated researchers are experts within management and organization, tourism, experience or event production and societal and regional analysis.
The centre includes members from the different departments of Roskilde University: 



Jon Sundbo ( Professor in Business Administration and Innovation. Research fields: Innovation, Service Firms and the Service Sector, Organisation and Technology, Experience Economy and Tourism. Read more about Jon Sundbo’s research and his publications at his RUC-page>>  




Lars Fuglsang - kvadrat Lars Fuglsang ( Professor in service innovation. Leader of the research group Innovation in Service and Experience. Lars Fuglsang has participated in a number of projects about tourism innovation, experience economy, and cooperation between public and private companies, as well as public innovation. Read more about Lars Fuglsang’s research and his publications at his RUC-page>>



Fabian ny - beskåretFabian Holt ( Associate Professor with expertise in culture and media and particularly in key developments in contemporary concert and festival culture. This includes research on the shift of music scenes to a consumer concert culture involving new businesses, and the evolution of festival events and their media worlds. Read more about Fabian Holt at his RUC-page>>   



Jørgen Ole Bærenholdt ( Professor. Research interests and knowledge include subjects related to cultural encounters, tourism, attractions, performance, management and planning. Read more about Jørgen Ole Bærenholdt at his RUC-page>>   




Jonas Larsen ( Professor with research expertise in areas covering tourism and mobilities. His research focuses on photography, the tourist gaze, cycling and running and it draws on theories of place, practice and embodiment. Read more about Jonas Larsen at his RUC-page>>  




Connie Svabo ( Associate Professor. Research interests include experiences, experience design and experience technologies, museums, spatial designs and more. Read more about Connie Svabo at her RUC-page>>   




Jesper Holm (, Associate Professor in Environmental Health Politics and Innovation. Teaching in both Health Promotion and in Environmental Planning and with a special interest in Green tourism. Associated with the RUC Innovation project on environmental experiences and the new National Park 'Skjoldungelandet' at Roskilde. Read more about Jesper holm at his RUC-page>>



Matias Thuen Jørgensen (, Assistant Professor. Theoretical and methodological research interests include system and network approaches to the study of tourism. Empirical research interests include emerging tourism markets (China in particular) and the relations between these new outbound markets and the destinations that receive them. Read more about Matias Thuen Jørgensen at his RUC-page>>



Michael Haldrup ( RUC-page>>





Jane Widtfeldt Meged ( Assistant Professor. Research interests include topics related to tourism, tourists guides, guided tours, events, performance and sharing economy. Read more about Jane Widtfeldt Meged at her RUC-page>>   





Susanne Haraszuk ( Academic Staff Member with responsibilities related to the Tourism Guide Diploma Education. Has knowledge about for example tourist guides and environmental tourism. Read more about Susanne Haraszuk at her RUC-page>>  




Jens Friis Jensen ( Research interests include tourism service/experience encounters, tourism and experience innovation, tourism development, experience design and related fields. Read about Jens Friis Jensen at his RUC-page>>    




Jan Krag Jacobsen ( Find information about Jan Krag Jacobsen at his RUB-page>>





Flemming Sørensen - kvadrat

Flemming Sørensen ( Associate Professor with research expertise in areas covering tourism and experiences. His research focuses on innovation and include topics such as the role of innovation networks, user-based innovation, service encounter-based innovation, and entrepreneurship. Read more about Flemming Sørensen at his RUC-page>>