Report about Danish cycling tourism

The expert group on Cycling Tourism in Denmark has published a report on the potential of cycling tourism in the country The report emphasizes both the possibilities and the barriers to the future development of cycling tourism in Denmark.

Cycling tourism is growing in Denmark, but there is an even larger potential for growth waiting to be explored. According to the report this requires, for example, that cycling routes are updated and maintained, a focused development of cycling tourism in relevant destinations, improved promotion of cycling tourism and improved possibilities for bringing bicycles in public transport.

The expert group consists of representatives from VisitDenmark, Dansk Cykel Union, Dansk Cykelturisme, Dansk Kyst- og Naturturisme, Kommunernes Landsforening, Copenhagen University, Tourism Researchers in Denmark and Vejdirektoratet. Flemming Sørensen from Center for Experience and Tourism Research represents Tourism Researchers in Denmark in the Expert Group.


The report can be downloaded here



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