Greater Copenhagen as a Future Food Mecca

A new project, which focuses on Greater Copenhagen as a future food mecca, has been initiated in 2016. The aim of the project is to cause interest and demand for local food products from Greater Copenhagen, from local inhabitants as well as from tourists. This will be done by developing new knowledge about food experiences and by creating new concepts for consumers’ food and meal experiences.

Greater Copenhagen includes two Danish regions, Copenhagen and Zealand, and one Swedish province, Scania. The project will sustain that food and meal producers throughout the value chain increase their focus on the experience aspects of gastronomy. The target group of the project is established companies who produce, distribute and sell quality food products within Greater Copenhagen. This includes companies related to production, processing, distribution, service and hospitality.

Partners in the project include Center for Lokale Fødevarer, Roskilde University (Professor Jon Sundbo), University College Zealand, FOOD, Viventes, Smaka på Skåne og Högskolen i Kristianstad. The project is financed by Region Zealand and the partners of the prohject.


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