Experience Network INVIO prolonged for 2019 and 2020

INVIO is an abbreviation of Innovation Network for Experience Economy (Danish: Innovationsnetværk for Oplevelsesøkonomi). INVIO is a network for knowledge sharing and innovation in the experience economy.

The network is a collaboration between Roskilde University, The Danish Technological Institute, Aalborg University and Creative Business Cup. It provides Danish businesses with access to innovation resources, and the latest knowledge about the experience economy.


“Invio is the Danish Innovation network for Experience Economy. The fundamental idea behind Invio’s work is that experiences are not restricted to one industry or a specific type of businesses. Experiences must be considered a cross-disciplinary innovation-tool, which, on a very basic level, can help revitalize every company’s products, services, communication, organization, sales etc.” (invio-net.dk)


INVIO’s website http://invio-net.dk/ provides more information about INVIO.


INVIO is funded by the Danish Agency for Science, Technology and Innovation. 


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