Development workshop in North Jutland

Three professors from Center for Experience and Tourism Research participated in development workshop in North Jutland

Lild Strand is a small community with about 35 permanent inhabitants at the rugged north coast of Jutland. On Saturday, March 25, a group of residents of Lild Strand had invited to a development workshop with the three professors from Roskilde University, Jon Sundbo, Lars Fuglsang and Jørgen Ole Bærenholdt.

There was an attendance of approximately 60 people and three active groups were working on wildlife, fisheries and development of the town. Both permanent residents and second home owners were among the participants. Several groups were set up to work further on concrete ideas that came out of the workshop.

The RUC professors’ participation is part of an Innovation Fund Project on coastal tourism INNOCOAST.

For more information contact professor Jon Sundbo:

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