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'Experiences' are activities which imply a mental journey and which may entertain or educate. The research area encompasses phenomena related to leisure, media, design, computer games, internet based experiences, mobile technologies, events, creative industries, culture, performance design, and more.
Tourism constitutes an important part of the experience economy. In many countries tourism is one of the most important economic sectors and therefore deserves a particular interest. Tourism itself includes many sub-sectors such as the hospitality, attractions and transport sectors.
Tourism and the Experience Economy are believed to hold great developmental possibilities. They are also sectors facing increasing global competition. Research on tourism and the experience economy is multi-disciplinary, and, as such, combining approaches from within Humanities, Social Sciences and Technical and Natural Sciences is useful in the endeavor of building more knowledge about experiences and tourism.
Tourism and Experience economy firms are managed and their products designed, and marketed. The increasing importance of the sectors leads to several questions for research: Which tourism and experience economy firms have the necessary competencies to compete on a global market and to create jobs? Within which sectors of tourism and the experience economy do different countries have different favourable possibilities? In which manner may the sectors affect regional development? What are the social consequences of the growing experience economy? How can the innovativeness of the companies be raised?


Research projects and networks

The research centre carries out research projects, participates in Danish and international research collaborations and organizes research conferences. The centre cooperates with private and public enterprises, and organizes seminars and meetings. Additionally, the researchers participate in local, regional and national development projects in cooperation with private and public organizations.
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Innovation Network for the Experience Economy 


New Innovative Customer Experiences


The Green Group


European Association for Research on Services