Centre for Experience and Tourism Research builds knowledge about tourism and the various branches of the experience economy. The research centre is multi-disciplinary, and combines approaches from within Humanities, Social Sciences and Technical and Natural Sciences. The centre counts a number of researchers with large research experience within the fields of tourism and the experience economy.



A new report about the potential of food products from Region Zeeland has been published. The report focuses, among other things, on the growth potentials of the region. The report is a result of [...]

Three professors from Center for Experience and Tourism Research participated in development workshop in North Jutland Lild Strand is a small community with about 35 permanent inhabitants at the [...]

The seminar focuses on the nexus between food and tourism and its potential in Denmark. The seminar takes place at Råhavegård on Lolland, March 23rd, 2017, in the afternoon. The seminar is organized [...]

User value in experiences – what does it mean? Wednesday 9 November, 2016, 10.30 – 12.30 in Theory Room 25.3.005 in building 25.3, Roskilde University. User or customer value (value-in-use) and [...]

Download invitation! Centre for Experience and Tourism Research invites to a seminar about the collaborative economy in experience and tourism. The seminar will be held on September 14th, 2016, 9.00 [...]

A new project, which focuses on Greater Copenhagen as a future food mecca, has been initiated in 2016. The aim of the project is to cause interest and demand for local food products from Greater [...]